Inclusive Action distinguishes itself through its ability to convene innovative people from different fields to solve the issues affecting people in urban areas. The results of these dialogues, collaborations and connections is the heart of Inclusive Action labs, a purpose-driven innovation lab that focuses on developing solutions for real issues that affect people in urban areas.


The Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign

A citywide effort to create a permit system for street vendors, LURN is helping to lead a campaign to help low-income entrepreneurs build strong businesses and take care of their families.


Free Lots Angeles

A partnership with 5 other organizations, Free Lots Angeles is an effort to activate vacant lots in low-income communities across Los Angeles. These one-day demonstration projects aim to show the community how they can transform vacant parcels into centers of vibrant and healthy activity. LURN and the Free Lots Angeles coalition is currently working on a policy platform to streamline the process for community residents to get access to vacant lots in their community.



And to continue to cultivate ideas, LURN convenes social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, private sector executives and policymakers in a variety of signature events.


The Planning and Land-Use Strategies Summit (PLUS2)

PLUS2 is a day-long convening of urbanists with an objective of sparking critical thinking on challenging urban issues like infrastructure, the informal economy, and housing. Each PLUS2 features innovative thinkers on a multi-disciplinary array of topics related to cities.

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SpeedLURNing is a special event hosted by LURN that examines a key issue in urban areas in quick spurts of dialogue. The event results in creative ideas from the multi-disciplinary group of guests, but it also naturally facilitates introductions between participants that often real new professional partnerships.


iAyE! Boyle Heights

Is an initiative aimed at supporting the creative entrepreneurs from neighborhoods like Boyle Heights. In 2016, LURN is subsidizing the rent of two local artists next to its office at City Labs, and is producing events for local creatives and food entrepreneurs, especially street vendors.


Policy Roundtables

LURN, often with other partner organizations, hosts smaller convenings, luncheons, and “roundtables” around important issues related to urban areas. These discussions focus on learning about a specific urban challenge, and facilitation a dialogue on how guests can address that challenge together.

Summer Nights & City Stars

Is an annual event where LURN gathers leaders and community development practitioners in Los Angeles to honor “behind the scenes” leaders who are making our City a better place.