Inclusive Action Capital leverages the multi-disciplinary perspective of IAC to address one of the roots causes of poverty in urban areas — access to capital. For the team at Inclusive Action, capital in the form of financing, physical infrastructure and education are important resources to build wealth, invest in low-income communities, and build sustainable community-based economies.

Inclusive Action also believes that one of the most important building blocks of prosperous, sustainable economies already exists in many communities — workers, innovative entrepreneurs and commitment. Inclusive Action works to supplement these assets with innovative, market-oriented solutions to empower communities and build wealth.


The (Re)store Fund

LURN has established an equity fund to invest in small businesses in low-income communities. Borrowing lessons from the traditional venture capital industry, LURN is working on not only providing capital to entrepreneurs but also ongoing coaching that will help them grow their business over time.




The Semi’a Fund

This micro-loan fund provides low-interest loans to entrepreneurs selling healthy food. The fund is designed to support those business owners who cannot obtain capital from a bank, and who may need support formalizing their business. The fund was inspired by our advocacy work alongside street vendors.

Semi’a Fund Application:
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Community Markets Purchasing Real and Affordable Foods (COMPRA Foods) is an initiative started by LURN and the LA Food Policy Council. The initiative organizes the purchasing power of small grocers in low-income neighborhoods and leverages their collective purchases to secure better prices and quality products from wholesalers. COMPRA Foods delivers products to its members weekly.